Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tipi Love

Last year my news years resolution was to hand make everything when it came to presents and gifts. Then when my friend Lisa said that she was going to get married I put on my d.i.y thinking cap. My ideas were endless, but when she mentioned we would camp at the wedding location (and after recently seeing this post) I had an "a-ha" moment. I asked her if they had organised where they would sleep and she replied...."in our tent". This was not an option! The happy couple needed a bridal sweet. So after months of top secret measuring, cutting and sewing (and blood, sweat and some tears) it was vert first tipi.

Some fabrics were donated by family and friends of the happy couple.
I even made the bed linen.
The happy couple, Job & Lisa. (photo: Lieke Romeijn)

My tipi was even featured in Job's new CD Happy Camper, which was released earlier this year. Check out his website to have a listen to his tunes. 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful (and bring back some great memories of an amazing day, night and morning...:)
    A tipi to be proud of!

  2. that tent is amazing! I've been thinking about making my daughters one - and now I'm feeling inspired!

  3. Hi! I've just discovered your blog, I like it a lot! I will definitely reccomend it, and I'm waiting for your next blog entry!
    Good luck!!