Monday, 21 March 2011


Today Spring officially began.

For an Australian living in Holland, this is pure heaven - sunshine! In order to celebrate I rode my bike to work. When ever the sun is shining I try to ride to work, which is almost an hours ride away.

It feels like it takes forever, but when I thought about it (walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, getting on the bus, sitting still in traffic, walking from the bus stop to work) it works out to be about the same amount of time on the bus as it is on the bike. Plus on my bike, I get to wake up with the sun in my face and the wind in my hair. I pass meadows which are all shades of green, I hear the birds singing and smell the fresh air. It's a wonderful way to wake up.

Now heres hoping the Spring is here to stay.


  1. Hi sas, can't agree with you more. Sunshine at last, it makes you feel so much better. I miss it so much, my body wakes up from its winter hibernation. Enjoy!! XTINK

  2. i love riding my bike in the sunshine! what a BEAUTIFUL picture of your bike! i would LOVE that to be my morning commute, so so worth the hour!!


  3. Lovely photo! I wish I had a bicycle! How fun. I'd love to see Holland...what is it like there? It sounds so romantic.

  4. Nice of you both to stop by! Holland is lovely, at least when the sun is shinning :) Dutch are really direct and say what they think, but have hearts of gold. I love how nonchalant they are.

    My bike was a surprise gift from my boyfriend and mum when I moved to Holland - mega brownie points - and 5 years later she's still going strong.